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Thierry Bugs
April 21 - May 20
Taurus Sign : Sylphe
Table : "Sylphe"
Female sign, dominated by Venus and the Moon, the Taurus is the first ground sign.
Spring continues, softens nice sunbeams, the flowers pushes, opens. Nature advances despite
everything, the Taurus too. One it known as slow, but it is an error it is considered. One it known
as obstinate, but it is because it goes at the end of the things and finish them. All its life is based
on this principle of starting, then to finish. As nature it circumvents the tests and enjoys the
moment present. The Taurus is the victory of the Life over the Life : Make take the air in full
nature to him, give him the maid and pretty things and especially, he likes calms it and peace.

 Intelligence, Tenacity, Slowness, Patience, Realism, Stability...


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