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(New edition)


The new tables (both) are expected arrivals on Novelties page.

A small change in the Hommaroscope : You can vote for the tables. It is simply an oversight, now repaired

Exhibition : The exhibition was good, I had the opportunity to meet many people, both curious, and some artists. 
This collective exhibition also allowed to mix genres, as there were naked men and naked women. I hope the next time...
                                                  See photos

ChromoZom : This is brand new and original, these pictures in black and white are the new part of my work, 
and a new part of the site. There will be others ...

A new artist in  Culture Guy, a french artist, but this time it's a girl... :
             Fabienne Monestier

The new Museum : 3 stages, 40 rooms with topics, of animations Java, and (soon) of new tables... Good Visit...

By re-coding the site, I wanted to continue the Experimental part, and to propose to you new ideas of animations
of tables in JAVA. See, some are super...  

@ For the culture, the HommArobase Directory present more than 2000 registered websites.
 It has well-sure a Homosexuality part.

                           Nude male art Thierry Bugs

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