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 Who are you  Bugs ?

My name is Thierry, Bugs 
it is my nickname. I have 40 years living in Bordeaux. Profession librarian.
 The computer graphics and
the photo it is since 2000.

Thierry Bugs expose in 2006
You make how? 
You paint ? 

    It is of the computer graphics,
numeric art. I use photos for
basic lines, textures, colors,
then I transform, modify,
erase, stick... Creating an
atmosphere, effects of colors,
or lights, according to the 
inspiration of moment. I am of
use various graphic tools to
the formidable possibilities
(like Photoshop). The original
paintings, are once signed printed, 
some are unique, the others
 were numbered. You have here
 relieved "Web" versions (under 
100k) and screen size ( 17"). 

Your site is a gay site ?

       I am a homo but this site is
 not sectarian, welcome to 
every homoes, gays, bisexual 
or heterosexuals. It is not an 
informative site for the gays. It 
is a site the main subject of which
is the bare man without taboo : 
the eroticism in the male...
 And it is for me, a source of i
nexhaustible inspiration... 
For information, there are the
 other sites (Têtu, Adventice...)
 they are newspapers, sites with
 real means and an editorial team.



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Why did you create
a web site ?

I wanted to show my paintings 
to my friends, there are more 
creative periods than the others,
 and we do not still think of looking
 at them at home. With the site, the
 interested persons can come to see
 the new paintings when they have 
the time. And then Web it is the 
door on the world to have the 
glances, the criticisms or the 
remarks of strangers, amateurs
 or the other artists. In fact I 
thought that it would be simple 
with the free personal pages, 
but the free hosts do not want 
erotic pages. In more the free
 personal pages of good sizes
 are often flooded with pop-up. 
I find it very annoying (it is my
 other site " HommArobase "). 

Where do you get your
visual inspiration ?

I am crazy about BD, sci-fi,
movies and books of course.
My favorite theme in painting
are men. At night, I browse
the net silently. I have
seen thousands of pictures.
When I go to bed, those men
would come back in my
mind and be alive in my
dreams. "The walls" series in
my paints, are inspired by
subway stairs of my
dreams... Men of my paintings
are subconscious images. 

Thierry Bugs

And the future ? 
          The projects ?

Make a success of this site,
 that the surfers come and
 that they are satisfied to
 have come. It will be already
 not bad. For the projects
  fell!!! I can say nothing still, 
but I have many ideas...
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©Thierry Bugs